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Food banks and Mary's Meals

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Epiphany Traditional New Year House Blessing "20 + C + M + B + 21" Christus Mansionem Benedicat ~ May Christ bless this house. A tradition in the Catholic Church was to hand out blessed chalk at the Masses for Epiphany, to be used in blessing one’s home in the New Year. Write above your doorway as in the example above: 20 (first two numbers of the year) + C + M + B ( for the 3 Magi, Casper, Melchior, and Balthasar), then + 21 (last two numbers of the year), then write below: ' Christus Mansionem Benedicat', (“May Christ Bless this House.”). The four crosses represent the 4 seasons. As you are writing, pray the following prayer: "Lord God of heaven and earth, you revealed your only-begotten Son to every nation by the guidance of a star. Bless this house and all who inhabit it. Fill us with the light of Christ, that our concern for others may reflect your love. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen." ~ read more here or use a search engine. (this is adaptable for any time of year, e.g. a new home).

Pope Francis on Twitter 1 Jan: As we begin the New Year, we place ourselves under the protection of the Mother Of God, who is also our mother. May she help us to keep and ponder all things, unafraid of trials, in the joyful certainty that the Lord is faithful and knows how to change crosses into resurrections.

see Newsletters 17th + 24th Jan The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is observed from 18th - 25th January, the octave of St. Peter and St. Paul. Theme for 2021 is 'Abiding in Christ', with resources for download from 'Churches Together in Britain and Ireland' (link above) For 2021 these are prepared by the Monastic Community of Grandchamp in Switzerland.

How can prayer help us navigate the struggles and conflict of our world today? For this year’s Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, #PrayForCornwall, join Churches Together in Cornwall for 10 min podcasts daily Mon 18 - 25 Jan, containing short reflections  to strengthen us in our daily lives, from church and community leaders including Bishop Philip, Rev Mark Dunn-Wilson, Bishop Hugh, Deacon Andrew Shute, Roger Mills, Jane Yeomans, Lesley Chandler and others. see the CT podcast page or Facebook / Twitter pages, also Spotify / iTunes later each day.

From our audio library: The CTIPA Christian Unity Service, with Choral Evening Prayer, in our Parish church on 22nd Jan 2012. Preacher: The Bishop of Truro, Tim Thornton; 'if we take prayer seriously, will the process of prayer allow the possibility of change ... structural unity, working together.'  listen to audio file listen / download mp3 audio (16:20 mins) 

Peace Sunday is celebrated in England and Wales on 17 Jan 2021. see Pax Christi, the International Catholic movement for peace for resources

'Communicating by Encountering People as They Are' Pope Francis' message for World Communications Day, Jan 24th 2021

homily on offering up 'suffering' by Bp. Robert Barron, Mass for Hospital Workers and First Responders (Jan 12)

4 talks on the Gospel of Mark - Fr Matt Blake, find on Carmelite Kensington website or YouTube - enter more deeply into the readings for most Sundays in year B.

"We can always give praise, in good times and bad, because God is the faithful Friend. This is the foundation of praise: God is the faithful Friend, and His love never fails." ~ Pope Francis, January 2021

Racial Justice Sunday 31st January 2021 This year’s Racial Justice Sunday is more important than ever. The effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, the killing of George Floyd, and the powerful message on fraternity and equality by Pope Francis in Fratelli Tutti speak of the need to actively oppose racism and pursue racial justice with renewed vigour.


Evangelium newsletter: 'Making Disciples - Speaking The Truth In Love' ~ from Plymouth Diocese Vicariate of Evangelisation & Catechesis Incorporating Marriage, Family Life & Youth, February 2021

Listen to the 'Stay Awake' 2021 Catholic Christian Conference worship music on spotify - Dorchester February. Praise and worship, keynote talks (including David Wells, a past speaker here in Holy Family parish), discussion time and a kids session. 'Stay Awake 2021' link is left here hoping recordings become available. Also on Facebook.

Lent resource pages + Reconciliation etc

A short meditation for Lent 2021: ‘The Green Cross’ by Canon David Annear (pdf)


Statement from Catholic Bishops Conference for Tuesday 23rd March as a National Day of Reflection (and prayer) to mark anniversary of first national lockdown.

video Reflection for Ash Wednesday from Plymouth Cathedral 

From Pope Francis on Twitter: "All of us have spiritual infirmities that we cannot heal on our own. We need Jesus’ healing, we need to present our wounds to him and say: “Jesus, I am in your presence, with my sin, with my sorrows. You can set me free. Heal my heart”. #Lent

Pray the Rosary with Bishop Robert Barron using his introduction to the Rosary videos

Music for the Triduum during Covid-19 restrictions on singing, recordings from choir and musicians at our church.


‘True Life in Christ  A short meditation for Easter 2021 by Canon David Annear, based on the fourth of our Rosary windows, the Glorious Mysteries.

Pope Francis: Urbi et Orbi - 'To the city and to the world', Easter 2021 + broadcast on BBC

Cardinal Vincent Nichols: Easter message 2021

speaker icon listen to Holy Saturday Solemnity of the Lord's Resurrection - our Easter Vigil Mass (edit 55 mins)

speaker icon Music during Covid-19 restrictions on singing, recordings of choir and other musicians at our church

Fr. Philip in Newsletter for 18th April: Prince Philip RIP. Much has been said, shown and written this past week. Few knew much of his religious faith and thinking. He had on his own bookshelves 634 books on religion. He founded in 1966 St George’s House, Windsor, as a place for frank, vigorous discussion across religious and political divides. He did write “Religious conviction is the strongest and probably the only factor in sustaining the dignity and integrity of the individual.” The royal biographer Christopher Warwick wrote “He was a very religious man and very questioning when it came to religion.” Here is a prayer he wrote for a book of prayers in 1998, “O Lord, the creator of the universe and author of the laws of nature, inspire in us thy servants the will to ensure the survival of all the species of animals and plants which you have given to share this planet with us. Help us to understand that we have a responsibility for them and that ‘having dominion’ does not mean that you have given us the right to exploit the living world without thought for the consequences. Through him who taught us that Solomon could not compare with the beauty of the flowers of the field.”

Bishop Mark: Vespers of the Dead in Plymouth Cathedral on 9th April, praying especially for HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. We commend his soul to God. Requiescat in pace. video

'Prayer for the day' with Cardinal Vincent Nichols, BBC Radio 4 on 10th April: listen "Good morning. Today we mourn the death of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, a man of such vitality, determination and noble sense of duty. Who can forget the pageant on the River Thames marking the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee when he stood for hours in the rain at her side, not counting the cost? I recall also, at the Palace of Holyrood House, he stood alongside the Queen and the Pope, all three in their eighties, each committed to serving nation or church without regard for age or personal cost. A little time later, in an interview marking his ninetieth birthday, Prince Philip said that he would slow down and reduce his duties, stating that he had ‘done his bit’. Only much later did he in fact retire from public life. This is how many of us will remember Prince Philip – always there beside his wife and sovereign, but active in his own right. This was the life he chose when he married her, knowing that she would one day be Queen. At the Coronation he was not crowned of course, but knelt before her with her hands enclosing his, and swore to be her ‘liege man of life and limb’. At the Diamond Jubilee the Queen referred to him as her ‘constant strength and guide’.   Lord, we thank you for the long life which you gave to your servant, Prince Philip, a life lived in loyalty and service to his Queen and to our country . As he now rests from his labours may he share in your peace and rise in glory. Amen"

listen to 'Thought for the day' with Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, BBC Radio 4 on 10th April.

ICYMI - in case you missed it: One year ago in lockdown #1, 300+ churches sang The Irish Blessing over Ireland and beyond.


Pray the Rosary with Bishop Robert Barron using his introduction to the Rosary videos

Thy Kingdom Come. Bishop Mark has taken the lead on this evangelisation initiative, video: The annual International Ecumenical Initiative of Thy Kingdom Come is promoting a novena of prayer from Ascension Thursday until Pentecost Sunday, introducing more people to Jesus. This year it is encouraging us all to pray particularly for a minimum of five nominated friends or relatives, on a daily basis, that we wish to bring closer to Jesus. Information and resources available at the Thy Kingdom Come website. 

Novena Prayer: Lord Jesus, We pray for the confidence to be missionary disciples, sharing your Good News of salvation with those we meet in our daily lives. We bring before you in prayer those who have never known you, that the light of your truth may penetrate their minds and hearts, and those who have grown lukewarm in their faith that they may be reawakened to your graces. We commend to you those in need of your mercy that they will know the joy of your forgiveness (name the five people you want to pray for). We make our prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.

'For the Spirit himself is gift: he lives by giving himself and in this way he keeps us together, making us sharers in the same gift. It is important to believe that God is gift, that he acts not by taking away, but by giving.' ~ Pope Francis


Pentecost & Catholic Charismatic Renewal: The Story of the Duquesne Weekend as told by participants David Mangan and Patti Gallagher Mansfield on the occasion of the 53rd Anniversary Weekend - watch here

In previous years, Life in the Spirit seminars ran between Easter and Pentecost usually in Truro but occasionally in Penzance and Falmouth. Watch the Pentecost 2020 (virtual) Life in the Spirit Sessions from The Ark and the Dove worldwide website - session 1 'God’s Love'; session 2 'Salvation'; session 3 'The New Life'; session 4 'Receiving God's Gift'; session 5 'Praying for Baptism in the Holy Spirit'; session 6 'Growth'; session 7 'Transformation in Christ'. nb each has same intro so skip forward 3 minutes after watching the first or second one.

Pentecost page | video: Praying The Pentecost Novena (2020)


This parish has always generously supported the work of the charity Mary's Meals. The charity aims to provide a free meal for every child in school every school day around the world, believing that helping children to stay in school and gain an education can lift communities out of poverty. If you do not yet know about this charity, please visit their website Mary's Meals or ask us. We would like to form a group to help Mary’s Meals in prayer, fundraising, awareness-raising or using any skills/knowledge which a potential group may have. Please contact Fr Philip if you would be interested in helping and coming to an initial socially distanced meeting. previous MM info

video Ordination of Albert Lawes to the Sacred Priesthood 25th June 2021

newsletter 27th June + info and petition on product waste scandal mentioned in newsletter. (Man is not in charge today, money is in charge, money rules. God our Father did not give the task of caring for the earth to money, but to us, to men and women: we have this task! Instead, men and women are sacrificed to the idols of profit and consumption: it is the “culture of waste.” ~ Pope Francis June 5 2013)


'Sunday - it is our Day' a short statement from the Catholic Bishops Conference on attending Mass after 19th July easing of Covid 19 legal restrictions. Updates for our churches are in latest newsletters. The Catholic Bishops Conference guidance document for parishes says: 'Each local community should examine the local conditions regarding the virus, and adopt an attitude of care for the people who desire to attend Mass';  'Face coverings are strongly recommended to be worn by those in church';  'Churches should continue to provide hand sanitiser at entrances and exits'.  As always, the Health & Safety of each and every one is paramount. Please be aware and respectful of each other in our church buildings.


North Aisle fundraising campaign leaflet (15th August)

Haiti earthquake: For information and to donate to CAFOD appeal click here

Afghanistan crisis: How CAFOD is responding - for information and to donate click here


Evangelium newsletter Sept '21: "Making Disciples - Speaking The Truth In Love" ~ from Plymouth Diocese Vicariate of Evangelisation & Catechesis. This edition focuses on Youth, with other articles on forming active evangelisers, Catechesis, Marriage and Family Life.

Watch free Episode 1 of Bishop Robert Barron's new six-part film series on 'The Creed'

Fr David's meditation: Following Jesus, the Light of the world - based on the Mysteries of Light and inspired by our Rosary Windows.


Diocesan Pastoral Message - w/e 9+10 October '21 including a Prayer for the Synod BBC Radio 4 - 

COP 26: Pope Francis - Thought for the Day BBC R4  transcript: Dear BBC listeners, good morning! Climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic have exposed our deep vulnerability and raised numerous doubts and concerns about our economic systems and the way we organize our societies. We have lost our sense of security, and are experiencing a sense of powerlessness and loss of control over our lives. We find ourselves increasingly frail and even fearful, caught up in a succession of “crises” in the areas of health care, the environment, food supplies and the economy, to say nothing of social, humanitarian and ethical crises. All these crises are profoundly interconnected. They also forecast a “perfect storm” that could rupture the bonds holding our society together within the greater gift of God’s creation.

Every crisis calls for vision, the ability to formulate plans and put them rapidly into action, to rethink the future of the world, our common home, and to reassess our common purpose.  These crises present us with the need to take decisions, radical decisions that are not always easy. At the same time, moments of difficulty like these also present opportunities, opportunities that we must not waste.  We can confront these crises by retreating into isolationism, protectionism and exploitation. Or we can see in them a real chance for change, a genuine moment of conversion, and not simply in a spiritual sense.

This last approach alone can guide us towards a brighter horizon. Yet it can only be pursued through a renewed sense of shared responsibility for our world, and an effective solidarity based on justice, a sense of our common destiny and a recognition of the unity of our human family in God’s plan for the world.  All this represents an immense cultural challenge. It means giving priority to the common good, and it calls for a change in perspective, a new outlook, in which the dignity of every human being, now and in the future, will guide our ways of thinking and acting. The most important lesson we can take from these crises is our need to build together, so that there will no longer be any borders, barriers or political walls for us to hide behind.

Some days ago, on 4 October, I met with religious leaders and scientists to sign a Joint Appeal in which we called upon ourselves and our political leaders to act in a more responsible and consistent manner. I was impressed by something said by one of the scientists present at that meeting. He told us: “If things continue as they are, in fifty years’ time my baby granddaughter will have to live in an unliveable world”.  We cannot allow this to happen!

It is essential that each of us be committed to this urgent change of direction, sustained by our own faith and spirituality. In the Joint Appeal, we spoke of the need to work responsibly towards a “culture of care” for our common home, but also for ourselves, and the need to work tirelessly to eliminate “the seeds of conflicts: greed, indifference, ignorance, fear, injustice, insecurity and violence”.

Humanity has never before had at its disposal so many means for achieving this goal. The political decision makers who will meet at COP26 in Glasgow are urgently summoned to provide effective responses to the present ecological crisis and in this way to offer concrete hope to future generations. And it is worth repeating that each of us – whoever and wherever we may be – can play our own part in changing our collective response to the unprecedented threat of climate change and the degradation of our common home.  (Vatican News: Crises present us with the opportunity to build together.)

Caritas Plymouth newsletter October '21 - The Church’s deepest nature is expressed in her three-fold responsibility: of proclaiming the word of God, celebrating the sacraments, and exercising the ministry of charity (caritas).

Young Christians Climate Network COP26 Relay Walk

Young Christians Climate Network COP26 Relay Walk

The YCCN (Young Christians Climate Network) walking in relay from the G7 to Cop26, arrived in Glasgow on 30th October, in time for the start of the climate summit. The relay walk gathered pilgrims from across the country and walked for over 4 months, starting in Carbis Bay on 14th June. Parishioners from Penzance joined for the first two days, walking as far as Falmouth. Find out more on the YCCN website or click images above


Walking Together: a Synodal Journey 2021-23 begins during Advent. Meetings will be held in Penzance for an hour at 7pm on Monday evenings and after Thursday morning Mass. In Hayle meetings are on Tuesdays after Mass. The first 4 sessions begin on 22nd November, led by lay facilitators. They are time for prayer, reflection, listening to the Word of God, and to each other. Full information is here.

Bishop Mark has shared an Address on ‘Walking Together’ given by Papal Nuncio Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti to a meeting with the Conference of Religious. click here to read. 

Communion | Participation | Mission

Mary's Meals: Until 31st January 2022, your donations will be doubled, eg £15.90 will feed two children for a year. A great Christmas gift idea. For other presents and cards, click Mary's Meals


Evangelium newsletter for Christmas 2021: 'The Synod and Evangelisation' ~ from Plymouth Diocese Vicariate of Evangelisation & Catechesis

Christmas Homily 'The Candle of Hope'

Peace on Earth to People of Goodwill - Fr. David's Meditation for Christmastide 2021 inspired by our Rosary windows and the Joyful Mysteries.

Fr. Philip writes: The parish has always generously supported the work of the charity Mary's Meals. The charity aims to provide a free meal for every child in school every school day around the world, believing that helping children to stay in school and gain an education can lift communities out of poverty. If you do not yet know about this charity, please visit their website Mary's Meals. previous MM info

Walking Together: a Synodal Journey 2021-2023 information Communion | Participation | Mission

SEE News + Newsletter page for all subsequent items


Other links of interest:

Reading the Whole Bible in a year?! A reading plan can help: example - advice - 'Word on the go' for busy Catholics > scripture crash course - Bishops conference scripture group

Catholic Bishops Conference A new lectionary for England and Wales for 2022

BBC: Faiths join to rebuild historic city of Mosul video

Vatican News Network Pope Francis appoints Sr. Nathalie Becquart, first woman to Synod of Bishops 

video St Mary's Catholic Primary School Lent Mass recorded in church and watched by the children in school at end of term.

video: St Mary's Catholic Primary School Advent Mass recorded in church and watched by the children in school.

If you are isolating and miss the familiar interior of our church, do watch the 'welcome' video

Building the new North Aisle at Penzance

Pray for the pandemic:

Almighty ever-living God, only support of our human weakness, look with compassion upon the sorrowful condition of your children who suffer because of this pandemic; relieve the pain of the sick, give strength to those who care for them, welcome into your peace those who have died and, throughout this time of tribulation, grant that we may all find comfort in your merciful love. Through Christ our Lord. Amen (from Carmelites Kensington)


update Supporting Local Food Banks and Food Aid groups info, also Mary's Meals:

Information has moved here:-Food banks & Mary's Meals information - collecting boxes are in the churches. 


previous 2021 Sunday newsletters list. click news page for latest ... (2020 with related links are here)

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