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Masses: Weekend ~ Saturday vigil: Penzance at 5pm and Hayle at 6.30pm ~ Sunday: St. Ives at 9am and Penzance at 11am. Weekdays ~ see newsletter. Covid 19 information for our churches is in newsletters

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newsletter 9th January
- The Baptism of the Lord

newsletter 16th January
- 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - Peace Sunday

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 18-25 Jan - see below

Mary's Meals: Until 31st January 2022, donations will be doubled for free, eg £15.90 will feed two children for a year. click Mary's Meals


newsletter Sunday 23rd January
- 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

CAFOD + DEC Afghanistan Crisis Appeal: In Afghanistan, 8 million people are on the brink of famine because of drought, collapsing economy, food shortages, conflict, and Covid. CAFOD is supporting sister Caritas agencies to reach communities most in need with food, clean water, and fuel. Donate on CAFOD website ~ please pray for the people of Afghanistan.


newsletter Sunday 30th January

Homilies from Fr. Philip


Fr. Philip: Please continue the time of prayer with people of all faiths at 6 p.m. daily for an end to the pandemic. I ring the church bell for the Angelus each day at 6 p.m.


Peace on Earth to People of Goodwill - Fr. David's Meditation for Christmastide 2021 inspired by our Rosary windows and the Joyful Mysteries.


Fr David's meditation: Following Jesus, the Light of the world inspired by our Rosary windows and the Mysteries of Light.


Building the Penzance North Aisle, Porch & Link Cloister | North Aisle Fundraising leaflet


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Pray the Rosary - Bishop Robert Barron's explanatory Rosary videos help if praying alone

Medjugorje: for 25th December below

For St. Mary's Catholic School news, visit their website and Facebook page

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Read the Whole Bible in a year! A reading plan helps: example - advice - 'Word on the go' for busy Catholics > scripture crash course || Catholic Bible in a Year Podcast by Fr. Mike Schmitz - YouTube intro - Bible timeline

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icon 'new' Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 18-25 January. Theme for 2022 is ‘We Saw His Star in the East’, materials have been prepared by the churches in the Middle East. Links and accompanying booklet are here (and see notes in Newsletter 16th Jan).   Churches Together in Cornwall are offering a half-hour of prayer and reflection daily at noon on Zoom and Facebook Live, also available on demand.    Schedule is: Tues 18, Day 1 (pp. 6-7): Raise us up and draw us to your perfect light |   Wed 19, Day 2 (pp. 8-9): Humble leadership breaks down walls and builds up with love |   Thur 20, Day 3 (pp. 10-11): The presence of Christ, turning the world upside down |   Fri 21, Day 4 (pp. 26-27):Though small and suffering, we lack nothing |   Sat 22, Day 5 (pp. 28-29): Guided by the one God |   Sun 23, Day 6 (pp. 30-31): Gathered in worship around the One Lord |   Mon 24, Day 7 (pp. 32-33): The search for unity |   Tues 25, Day 8 (pp. 34-25): Beyond the familiar routes of separation to God's new paths.

Epiphany Traditional New Year House Blessing "20 + C + M + B + 22" Christus Mansionem Benedicat ~ May Christ bless this house. A tradition in the Catholic Church was to hand out blessed chalk at the Masses for Epiphany, to be used in blessing one’s home in the New Year. Write above your doorway as in the example above: 20 (first two numbers of the year) + C + M + B ( for the 3 Magi, Casper, Melchior, and Balthasar), then + 22 (last two numbers of the year), then write below: ' Christus Mansionem Benedicat', (“May Christ Bless this House.”). The four crosses represent the 4 seasons. As you are writing, pray the following prayer: "Lord God of heaven and earth, you revealed your only-begotten Son to every nation by the guidance of a star. Bless this house and all who inhabit it. Fill us with the light of Christ, that our concern for others may reflect your love. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen." ~ read more here and here or use a search engine. (this is adaptable for any time of year, e.g. a new home).

Pope Francis on Twitter 1 Jan: As we begin the New Year, we place ourselves under the protection of the Mother Of God, who is also our mother. May she help us to keep and ponder all things, unafraid of trials, in the joyful certainty that the Lord is faithful and knows how to change crosses into resurrections.


Mary's Meals: Until 31st January 2022, your donations will be doubled, eg £15.90 will feed two children for a year. click Mary's Meals

Fr. Philip writes: The parish has always generously supported the work of the charity Mary's Meals. The charity aims to provide a free meal for every child in school every school day around the world, believing that helping children to stay in school and gain an education can lift communities out of poverty. If you do not yet know about this charity, please visit their website Mary's Meals. previous MM info

Evangelium newsletter Christmas 2021: 'The Synod and Evangelisation' ~ from Plymouth Diocese Vicariate of Evangelisation & Catechesis.

Walking Together: a Synodal Journey 2021-2023 - information here.  Communion | Participation | Mission

North Aisle fundraising leaflet


previous 2021 newsletters list ~ for January to December 2021 click here ~ (2020 list with features and links)

December: December Homilies

5th   December - 2nd in Advent
12th December - 3rd in Advent - Gaudete
19th December - 4th in Advent
Christmas Homily 'The Candle of Hope'

January 2022:  January Homilies

2nd January - 2nd week of Christmas
9th  January - The Baptism of the Lord
16th January
- 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

23rd January - 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time


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Medjugorje: message for the world via visionary Marija on December 25th 2021: “Dear children! Today I am carrying my Son Jesus to you, for Him to give you His peace. Little children, without peace you do not have a future or blessing; therefore return to prayer, because the fruit of prayer is joy and faith, without which you cannot live. Today's blessing which we give you, carry to your families and enrich all those whom you meet, that they may feel the grace which you are receiving. Thank you for having responded to my call.” ... more from Medjugorje

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